Ocasio-Cortez Claims Federal Government Should Both Give People Cash and Cancel Their Payments

During an interview with Chris Hayes, AOC called for the government to give people direct cash payments and cancel all of their large monthly payments.

Hayes asked Ocasio-Cortez what elements she wanted to see in the relief package.

“Well, you know, I think there are critical things that we need, that all-Americans need, but especially in the Bronx and in Queens. We need to make sure that we get paid sick leave to workers. We need to make sure that we get sufficient checks to people,” She responded.

Watch as socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for the federal government to give people cash AND cancel their large monthly payments.

So basically, to sum it all up, Ocasio-Cortez is calling for the USA to be transformed into a socialist nation.

Who could have predicted that?

Is AOC sick in the head?

Partial transcript:

HAYES: “Congresswoman, first let me start with a local check-in of my beloved home borough the Bronx, a place that in many ways is similar to Newark, a place where there are a lot of folks who are just barely, barely, barely getting by, barely making rent every month, barely holding things together, who now had a meteor hit their life.

What do you want to see out of this package that’s getting hammered out right now for your constituents and those folks?”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Well, you know, I think there are critical things that we need, that all-Americans need, but especially in the Bronx and in Queens. We need to make sure that we get paid sick leave to workers. We need to make sure that we get sufficient checks to people.

I would like to see a mortgage and rent moratorium and a moratorium on major payments in the United States. The thing is that people are talking about these cash infusions, and there’s — there’s not much that a small $1,000 can do for a family if they are out of work and still need to pay rent, student loans, major consumer loans, a mortgage, et cetera.

So we really need to make sure that, you know, the dollars and dimes actually make sense and add up for working families’ expenses for a month. And it needs to be lined up with the science as well in terms of how we’re asking people to self-quarantine.”

HAYES: “So, I’ve heard sort of two approaches to this, right. What you’re saying there, which makes a lot of sense, which is if people have these expenses and they have student loan debt or they have mortgage debt or they have rent and they can’t pay because they don’t have work, the other sort of approach, and an approach that a lot of European countries have taken, is you actually want to keep the payments flowing as much, you just want to originate them with the government.

So in places like Denmark and the U.K. and others, you’re basically having the government guarantee the payroll for people so they’re essentially trying to pretend the economy isn’t getting shut down and let the government back stop it. But that is not how the current $500 billion is structured in the current plan being worked out, as I understand it. But maybe you have a better insight.”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “No. Right now, within this $2 trillion deal, there is $500 billion that right now seems to be no strings attached. We are not saying if we give you money you need to keep your workers; if you take the public money, you need to make sure that you don’t fire anyone.

If you take — if you take the government’s money, that you have to institute X, Y, Z worker protections.

You know, this bill is in flux, and so things are subject to change, but right now it is pretty much a no-strings-attached, free $500 billion that will be used, but — and, you know, according to Larry Kudlow, looks like will be leveraged into much more money than that.

I think that there’s huge concerns here because there’s talk about there being an inspector general and there being a panel, but from what we’re seeing in the bits and pieces of language that we’re able to kind of scrap together is that all of these entities really have no policing authority.

They don’t have the ability to actually stop these funds from going to the Trump properties, going to any Trump Organization, from going to saying, ‘Hey, McDonald’s or Amazon, if you’re going to take this money you need to make sure that we’re guaranteeing paid sick leave to workers.’

So I think there’s a lot of problems with accountability, and meanwhile we are expecting to essentially give small businesses loans, which is — you know, we can structure them, we can make sure they’re forgiven, but honestly I’m very concerned about this bill prioritizing working people above corporations. I think that’s really what we need to look out for in the developments of this bill.”


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  1. What a complete idiot, cash makes the world go around. Course you would not realize that since you haven’t worked for your money. Did you pay your debt

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