Meghan Markle plans to move to Los Angeles only after Trump leaves office, report

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly want to make Los Angeles their new home following the announcement that they will “step back” as members of the Royal Family, but only after Donald Trump’s presidency ends.

Even though the couple plans to live in Canada to start off, their true goal is to eventually have a home or business in Los Angeles, anonymous sources told the Daily Mail.

Markle was on maternity leave during Trump’s first state visit to the United Kingdom and couldn’t make it, according to Politico. After news broke that she would miss his visit, he was asked by a Sun reporter during a pre-trip Oval Office interview back in June if he knew Markle was critical to him during his campaign, the outlet added.

When discussing where they want to live, Markle and Harry, 35, used the broad brush of “North America,” which doesn’t “pin them down to one place,” the outlet’s source explained.

The U.K. tabloid added the move is “by no means an immediate thing.” Markle, however, grew up in Los Angeles and her mother, Doria Ragland, still lives there.


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  1. Who cares, you bolt on your duties in England, go to Canad, and now you say you don’t like Trump. well leech, you have made your bed, good luck to you,

  2. Please do not come back to the USA. We do not want you. Stay in Canada. They deserve you.

  3. You witch. You ruined the Royal family. Canada doesn’t want you…England doesn’t want you…we don’t want you and soon Harry won’t want you!

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