Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Americanism Summed Up by One Cartoon

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We all know that Minnesota Rep Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semitic, anti-American pro-terrorist nutcase and along with Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashid Tlaib the new face of the Democratic Party.

But just how anti-American is Rep. Omar?

The cartoon below brutally but accurately answers that question:

Does that about sum it up?

That is how the Democrats operate these days. They hate American and want to fundamentally transform it.

Not only that, but Democrats like Ilhan Omar are also notoriously corrupt, and seem to get away with it most of the time:

Omar Faces Investigation Over Allegations She Took Lover On Trips Funded By Campaign

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar could be in hot water after federal election watchdogs have begun an investigation into her potential abuse of campaign finances.

The investigation centers around whether or not Rep. Omar took her lover on vacations paid for by her campaign, The Daily Mail reported.

“Peter Flaherty, chairman of the conservative National Legal and Policy Center last month filed an amended version of a complaint he had lodged earlier into Omar’s campaign spending, following’s revelation she was having an affair with her finance chief Tim Mynett, The Mail said.

“Omar’s divorce from husband Ahmed Hirsi became final this week. Mynett’s wife Beth has also filed for divorce in the wake of the affair,” it said.

“Flaherty is asking the Federal Election Commission to investigate payments made by the Minnesota congresswoman’s campaign, Ilhan for Congress to Mynett’s company, The E Street Group.

“Ilhan’s campaign paid Mynett’s company more than $369,000 since hiring him in August of 2018 and payments run up until this past September. Nearly $25,000 is labeled as travel expenses, according to records filed to the FEC,” it said.

But surprisingly it is Sen. Mitch McConnell who could protect Rep. Omar inadvertently as he has not scheduled hearings to confirm new members of the agency who enforce campaign finance laws.

“If Ilhan for Congress reimbursed Mynett’s LLC for travel so that Rep. Omar would have the benefit of Mynett’s romantic companionship, the expenditure must be considered personal in nature,” Flaherty said.

“Federal Election Commission regulations prohibit the use of campaign funds for personal expenses collateral to travel…unless personal funds are used to reimburse the committee,” he said.

‘This is a matter of frustration,” he said of Sen. McConnell not scheduling hearings to place the new members of the committee.

“Ilhan for Congress paid The E Street Group more than $222,000 between August last year and July when exclusively revealed the affair between Omar and Mynett,” The Mail said.

He was paid the sums of $92,746 in July, and $54,000 in August and September according to the numbers given to the Federal Elections Commission.

“If you total her expenditure, about one-third of it went to E Street,” he said in the interview with the Daily Mail.

“A disbursement can be a ‘travel’ expense or a ‘fundraising’ expense but it cannot be both, even if the travel is in conjunction with fundraising activities,” he said.

“There continues to be reporting problems,” he said in the interview. “But the bigger issue is her veracity and credibility.

“She said she wasn’t having an affair but now, based on’s reporting it looks like she wasn’t telling the truth,” he said.

David Mitrani. An attorney for the Omar campaign and The E Street Group said the complaint was “nothing more than blustering to attempt to create the appearance of legal jeopardy when there is none.”

“The parties have at all times complied with federal campaign finance law,” he said.


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