Ilhan Omar Attacks Iranian Journalist for Supporting Trump — Faces Brutal Backlash


Rep. Ilhan Omar has confronted reaction for clearly attempting to ruin an Iranian writer who has scrutinized the Islamist system safeguarded President Donald Trump’s Iran strategy.

On Monday, the Minnesota Democrat retweeted a post questioning the journalistic integrity of Masih Alinejad — and added a “thinking face” emoji. The writer of the tweet, Eli Clifton of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, an anti-interventionist think tank, accused Alinejad and “the mainstream media” of failing to disclose that she works for the Voice of America Persian Service.

Clifton’s suggestion, illuminated in a connected article and reverberated by others, was that Alinejad’s checks from the U.S. telecaster clarify why she “has been repeatedly echoing the administration’s claims that Iranians, despite all visible evidence, were welcoming Trump’s potential act of war against Iran.”

Alinejad has set off a reaction from Trump pundits by contending that a couple of Iranians are truly grieving the murdering of Quds Force authority Gen. Qasem Soleimani in Jan. 3 airstrike requested by the president. In a Washington Post opinion piece Monday, she said that the mass memorial services in the avenues of Iran are organized by the system and that numerous Iranians “think Soleimani was a war criminal.”


Masih Alinejad fires back at Ilhan Omar
Alinejad reacted Friday to Omar’s assault with a 10-tweet impact, uncovering that she has more than once connected with Omar for help after the Iranian system focused on individuals from her family, including detaining her sibling. She blamed Omar for not reacting to her effort and for remaining quiet about Iran’s many “human rights cases of abuse,” as well as its downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane last week, apparently by mistake.


“Ilhan Omar, when my innocent brother was recently taken hostage by the regime, solely due to my advocacy of civil rights for Iran, I reached out to you, expecting solidarity from you. However, you were silent. You gave no reaction,” she said. “After months of silence, you instead chose to amplify a smear campaign against me, a fellow woman of color. Your only comment to all these human rights abuses is to repeat Islamic Republic propaganda against me.”
Alinejad, an enemy of headscarf extremist who a year ago sued Iran for its treatment of her family, proceeded to protect her provisional labor for VOA. She said that it was “created to counter the propaganda of authoritarian adversaries like the Soviet Union.”


“By bullying a freelance journalist like me, you are empowering the Revolutionary Guards to put more pressure on my family,” she said.
Alinejad likewise noticed that she is a long way from a Trump flunky, having condemned his movement boycott and dangers against Iranian social locales and that she has vocally contradicted war with Iran for quite a long time.
Nonetheless, Alinejad noted, “I’ve also condemned the Islamic Republic’s ban on Iranian dissidents that prevented people like me from going home” and its other “cruel policies.”


“Yet, when I divulge the repression of the Islamic Republic, attacks against me proliferate by the regime & their supporters in the West,” she said. “I’d have never imagined that one day a member of Congress, a fellow woman of color, would join with my oppressors in trying to defame me.”


Other noticeable Iranian ladies’ privileges activists upheld Alinejad and pummeled Omar.


Iranian-Canadian essayist manager Maryam Nayeb Yazdi disgraced Omar, who has frequently grumbled that Republican analysis of her puts her life in danger.
“Masih Alinejad is receiving death threats. Rape threats. Her brother’s being held hostage by the IRGC,” she said. “How could you ever explain this tweet, Ilhan? My heart’s crying.”




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